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Call, text, or click HERE to complete our online form. Then, schedule a time for us to visit with you in person at the home. If you’re not local, just schedule a call, FaceTime, or Zoom meeting with our team.


You authorize an agreement in writing which includes the price, terms, and a closing date of your choosing.


We purchase your home by closing at a local, reputable closing attorneys’ office, and you receive cash as soon as 4 days.

Ann Marie M.

Ann Marie M.

“I worked with Paul on the sale of a property inherited by a family with whom I had grown up. It was especially important to me that the sale go quickly and as smoothly as possible. The executor wanted to relieve the stress from the heirs who had many other responsibilities. Paul visited the home, made a fair offer, and closed quickly. If you have a client with a home from an estate they would like to settle quickly, I would recommend calling Paul.”

– Ann Marie M.

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